Copyright (C) DUzunSys 2006-2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cand porneste programul, apasa orice tasta pentru a incepe. Toate miscarile pe care le faci sunt inscrise in "MOVE.POZ", si daca acest fisier exista cand rulezi programul, el va reproduce toate miscarile inregistrate anterior pana nu apesi sau cat timp sunt miscari inregistrate, apoi incepe sa inregistreze miscarile noi. [Mouse] Stanga = acceleratie inainte Dreapta = acceleratie inapoi Miscare = Rotire (sus-jos, stanga-dreapta) [Sageti] Toate sagetile te accelereaza in directii relative pozitiei tale, adica daca privesti in jos si apesi , te vei deplasa inainte. = In susul meu = In josul meu = In stanga mea = In dreapta mea [Alte taste] Spatiu = Sare | acceleratie in directia opusa gravitatiei Esc = Iesire din program, sau stoparea reproducerii miscarilor ------------------------------------------------------------------- When the program starts, hit any key to begin. All the moves you make are recorded in "MOVE.POZ", and if this file exists at the time you run this program, it will reproduce all recorded moves until you pres or while there are recorded moves, then it starts recording your moves. [Mouse] Left Button = forward acceleration Right Button = Backward acceleration Move = Rotation (Up-Down, Left-Right) [Arrows] All the arrows accelerate you in the directions relative to you position, that is if you look down and press , you'll go forward. Up = My Up Down = My Down Left = My Left Right = My Right [Other keys] Space = Jump | anti gravity acceleration Esc = Exit, or stop movement reproduction -------------------------------------------------------------------